Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Interview with Myself on Being Nikki

What did you like best about the book?

The second half. It was amazing. I was like oh no she is not going there already. And then I was oh yes she did.

The new characters where great they added a new dimension to Nikki. You start to know her background.

I still love Lulu her fun loving free spirit attitude really lightens the story and makes you like her more.

That is really all I can say because otherwise it would give away the ending.

What didn't you like about the book?

The first half was a little to repetitive for me. I was wondering how many times she could say the same thing. I mean we all know that Stark sucks and controls Nikki's/Em's life. I GET IT!! But this is all forgiven because the second part ROCKS!!!

Does lipgloss really make you feel better?

I say YES. I have never tried Nars Triple X but I want to now.

Would you ever wear Ugg Boots or a diamond bra?

Ugg Boots yes, Nikki/Em is right they are comfy. Diamond bra NO WAY. Only Edward should sparkle that much.

Who would you date Christopher or Gabriel?

Duh. Christopher. I love a guy I can play video games with. However, Gabriel seems really nice and cute and talented....

Can you say anything about the coming book Runaway the next book in the Nikki series?

All I can say is that STARK is going down.

** I know this wasn't overly informative but it was a really great read and if you love Meg Cabot you will love Being Nikki.

***If you have never read Meg Cabot before start with Avalon High my personal fave.

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Ashley said...

Ok- whoah! you totally changed your blog look- I like!, but when did you do it? And I gotta say, I loved the whole self-interview. Nice touch, haha!