Saturday, June 23, 2007

The introduction

I lived in a place that was a cross between Happy Days and that 70's show. Ironically it was in Wisconsin. This is a place were teachers have control of the classrooms, parents still care if you go to school, being smart pretty and funny were all someone needed to come by many boyfriends. The dark side of the town was about as crazy as those kids smoking pot on in the basement. No fights in the hallways, sneaking out of class was some crazy fun, and detention was not a scary place. Oh and it was full of white kids as far as the eye could see. No minorities what so ever. It was one boring place to grow up. I went to college got my degree and a husband and was out of there.

Moved to Boston, which is one of the best cities to live. Far too expensive for this girl to stay, but one of the best times of my life. From there I moved to Dallas/Ft Worth area. Which is really hot and scary. When I say hot I mean weather. The girls here are hot but not always the brightest bulbs. If you want to be judged buy how much you weigh(should be 125 max), how much you make(over 100,000 min) and what kind of car you drive (more obvious the better) than you should move to DFW you will fit right in.

So this is a quick intro to the old and new life. Hopefully, I will be moving back to the Midwest soon but while I am here it should be fun to let everyone know how crazy life is right now.

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